Network Security & Threat Prevention

One of the most important aspects of any business network that needs to be considered is its security.

With Cyber Crime increasing dramatically on a daily basis, business’ small and large need to protect themselves more and more.

Many leave themselves wide open to attack with low end modems / firewalls, free Anti-Virus and no spam filtering.

Infected computers are one of the most common causes of computer failure.

Some simple ways to protect your business would be;

  1. Install a firewall or UTM – This is the first line of defence against all external attempts to hack the network, and Unified Threat Management is the next generation in hardened security against these threats.
  2. Anti-Virus Software – Many security breaches derive from a user inadvertently loading a virus on the network
  3. Enterprise Anti-Spam – This protects your network and users from receiving unwanted virus’ and malware causing network and server crashes.

Isanet can assist you and your business to achieve a secure and worry free network.