Isanet has a range of experience in implementing and migrating to a Virtual Environment using a range of different software and hardware vendors to complete the task.

Virtualisation is designed to deliver more computing from fewer resources. Isanet have proven experience in virtualisation and can offer a range of solutions to make more efficient use of your computing resources. Isanet works hand in hand with the client to move from a standard hardware environment to a virtual server environment.

Virtualisation can offer a number of benefits for your business. Some of them are:

  1. Lower total cost due to limited hardware requirements
  2. A reduction in overall operating and maintenance costs.
  3. A reduction in energy costs and energy use by virtualising application services and desktops resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
  4. An increase in and optimised use of the server and desktop resources that the business relies on.
  5. Eliminate the risks of interrupted services and server downtime with built-in redundancy systems and high availability.
  6. Improved control of data typically stored on end-user devices by moving it to a centralised and backed-up server, greatly reducing the risk of data loss through theft, loss or corruption.
  7. Improved speed of network and desktops.

Whether your business likes the energy-saving ‘green’ aspect of virtualisation or it wants to improve productivity and reduce costs, Isanet can make sense of your end-user computing needs and deliver virtualisation strategies that are specifically tailored to you, in a language you can understand.